Echofon for Android:

A clean and fast Android Twitter app
with sleek widgets and your favorite features.

Common Twitter Tasks, Clean and Simple

It’s easy to view your timeline, messages, replies and favorites. Echofon has a powerful Tweet-authoring screen that lets you write Tweets, upload photos…even tag with your current location.

We put images and videos right in your timeline so it's super easy to browse media.

Go Light or Go Dark

It’s your choice! You can easily switch between the original Light theme or clean and sexy Dark theme.

All New Jelly Bean Notifications

Retweet and Reply right from your notifications panel with your Android device running the latest Jelly Bean OS.

Sleek Dashboard Widgets

Add Echofon style to your Android dashboard with the right-size widget for you. Access all of the most used Twitter features without ever leaving your home screen!